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Love it!

After much research, I concluded that fulvic minerals are essential for health, and sorely lacking in diets. I've tried many brands, and LOVE this one. It is a rich compound, tastes great, and gives an immediate and long-lasting boost.

Still studying effectiveness

I seem to see good results. I will continue to use daily mixed in water. Will continue use and hoping to get some discount for continuing use of your product. I most likely will try another brand for result difference. But you product seems legit to your claims


This has helped my husband's energy, mood,and weight ! Plus helped all the Good Stuff 🙈


Helps alot!!!

Can energetic eye opener

I had never taken this product before I just put it under my tongue and it made me feel really alert and focused which is what I wanted

Not sure

I started taking this to restore my gut microbiome and detox heavy metals, according to some medical experts I heard speaking on a summit. It's been a few months and I don't notice anything different. This product is easy to take and has no flavor at all so I will continue taking it until I finish all 3 bottles and then reassess.


best thing for my knees

Probiotics 40

Excellent product. I have been taking these pills for the last year and have had no side effects. I really like it has helped keep me regular

2oz Fulvic Minerals Electrolyte Concentrate

A Satisfied Customer

I have used this product in the past and was satisfied with it then. Now, I have decided to use it again. However, my reason for writing this review is to express my satisfaction in the way your company handled my purchase. I ordered Natural Testosterone Booster from CellCynergy Nutrition. However, the Quantity I originally received was not what I ordered. I expressed my concern to CellCynergy and you guys showed me the highest level of professionalism by contacting me and following up with am email of our telephone conversation. You corrected my order and you delivered what I originally ordered.

I greatly appreciate how you handled this and will always do business with you. I cannot thank you enough. You guys are a class act.

Chicago, IL

Nice start

Nice product, worked well
Few months in . Still too early

Great stuff

Little time, but so far good.

Love your product

I feel more energy and less fatigue with Fulvic Recharge. I also believe I’m sleeping better as well. I highly recommend.

Love this!

Love putting this in my water! No taste! Great price! I feel a difference in my focus and my immunity as a whole. I have been taking this for the past month and a half. Will definitely buy again.

Great product my daughter is also taking it energy levels have increased;we both are sleeping better !!!

Really do this to be proactive- can't really say I feel different.

Trace Minerals

In a world of insufficient and depleted soil integrity I yearned for a supplement to provide me with the trace minerals my standard diet wasn't providing and miraculously I found it with Fulvic Minerals !!!! Presented in a way that my body can assimilate the minerals effectively Im definitely a life long buyer!

Great company

Had no issues with my order thank you

Working out

First time trying it.I do feel a little more energy

Good Product and Excellent Delivery

This supplement works, and the company provided a prompt response to my request. The product is as advertised, and it was well-packaged and received as expected.n

This is a great tincture

100% Natural Testosterone Booster

It’s easy to take because it’s tasteless which is good

This is a great way to get the minerals you need. I noticed a difference immediately and so did my husband. It helps regulate the digestive track which was a pleasant surprise and has a ton of other benefits too. It’s easy to take because it’s tasteless which is good.

This product was mentioned by a colleague who recommended after her use when she tested positive twice and used this to help turn the corner to her recovery. I then ordered for 2 relatives to use who also tested positive and who are now negative. Thank you.

Wow, that is Absolutely Wonderful to just made our day!!! :-)

Fulvic recharge

Recommend this product. Helps with my cycle symptoms

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