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Fulvic Review
Product review
good customer service and good tranparency on one count, request for another report was ignored
Hi Gloria, thank you for your order last month during our Prime Day sale! How are you liking the product so far? My apologies that no one got back to you regarding your toxicity inquiry...I don't recall seeing that message. Other than the sample 3rd party lab analysis that we sent to you, we do not have any other reports to provide. We extract the minerals from a layer of humate about 3 feet down in a mine in New Mexico which is at approx. 7,200 elevation far away from man made pollutants. The 70+ minerals are naturally occurring in that layer of humate and are at very small doses per serving, parts per million. These are plant based minerals which means that they will not accumulate in your system. Please let us know if I can be of any further assistance.
Fulvic minerals
Very Good Company
Great service
Love it
fulvic Minerals
Immune boosting must have!
5 star product!
Great quality!
Great product to prevent sickness.
Great combination of ingredients
Great little pill to boost your immune system.
It acts fast!
These seem to be working great; the school year will be the real test though.
Swear by this stuff.
Saved me from getting sick with a preschooler!
Excited to Try!
Thank you
Mr Kevin

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