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Love your product

I feel more energy and less fatigue with Fulvic Recharge. I also believe I’m sleeping better as well. I highly recommend.

Love this!

Love putting this in my water! No taste! Great price! I feel a difference in my focus and my immunity as a whole. I have been taking this for the past month and a half. Will definitely buy again.

Great product my daughter is also taking it energy levels have increased;we both are sleeping better !!!

Really do this to be proactive- can't really say I feel different.

Trace Minerals

In a world of insufficient and depleted soil integrity I yearned for a supplement to provide me with the trace minerals my standard diet wasn't providing and miraculously I found it with Fulvic Minerals !!!! Presented in a way that my body can assimilate the minerals effectively Im definitely a life long buyer!

Great company

Had no issues with my order thank you

Working out

First time trying it.I do feel a little more energy

Good Product and Excellent Delivery

This supplement works, and the company provided a prompt response to my request. The product is as advertised, and it was well-packaged and received as expected.n

This is a great tincture

100% Natural Testosterone Booster

It’s easy to take because it’s tasteless which is good

This is a great way to get the minerals you need. I noticed a difference immediately and so did my husband. It helps regulate the digestive track which was a pleasant surprise and has a ton of other benefits too. It’s easy to take because it’s tasteless which is good.

This product was mentioned by a colleague who recommended after her use when she tested positive twice and used this to help turn the corner to her recovery. I then ordered for 2 relatives to use who also tested positive and who are now negative. Thank you.

Wow, that is Absolutely Wonderful to just made our day!!! :-)

Fulvic recharge

Recommend this product. Helps with my cycle symptoms

Amazing Fulvic recharge

One of the highest quality in Fulvic minerals dimension!

Fulvic minerals recharge

I haven't felt or noticed any change or difference since I started taking the fulvic minerals recharge. I'm hoping I will before I finish the bottle and then I will reorder another supply.

Still quite new to this product

In all fairness , to the product and makers of it , i have not had this product long enough to tell you the difference , I need more time to notice

Fulvic Review

All is well with this product. Postal delivery longer than expected. So far very satisfied with product.

Product review

The product was delivered on time and came in packaging that protected the contents well.
The product itself seems to be good. I have noticed that the white spots in my nail bed is gone, which I believed signals my body is absorbing vitamins and minerals better. Based on this I give it a 4 star review. It may earn higher but I need to wait and see if I experience other positive changes.

good customer service and good tranparency on one count, request for another report was ignored

phone customer service was excellent. Transparency: I asked for analysis and they emailed me their 3rd party analysis report. When I asked for another report one on toxicity; no response, not even an email, to my second request whatsoever.

Hi Gloria, thank you for your order last month during our Prime Day sale! How are you liking the product so far? My apologies that no one got back to you regarding your toxicity inquiry...I don't recall seeing that message. Other than the sample 3rd party lab analysis that we sent to you, we do not have any other reports to provide. We extract the minerals from a layer of humate about 3 feet down in a mine in New Mexico which is at approx. 7,200 elevation far away from man made pollutants. The 70+ minerals are naturally occurring in that layer of humate and are at very small doses per serving, parts per million. These are plant based minerals which means that they will not accumulate in your system. Please let us know if I can be of any further assistance.

Fulvic minerals

I began noticing more having more energy and thought, this is great, then forgot to take a couple of days and couldn't figure out why I was happening to me, felt drained like before with same old brain fog. Then I realized I wasnt taking my cell energy fulvic acid minerals.

Very Good Company

Excellent customer service and the right products. Highly recommended.

Feeling so much better!

I am finally feeling more like myself since beginning on the fulvic recharge drops. (22 years post chemotherapy I was beginning to feel weak and as if I was on the verge of becoming ill) I started out slowly on the fulvic drops to make sure I wouldn't have a negative reaction and as I work my way up to a full dropperful I am feeling so much better overall. I've only been taking them consistently for about two weeks and I'm amazed at how much better I feel. I have a lot more energy now and the shaky, weak feeling I had for a couple of years has pretty much disappeared. My IBS has begun to recede so my gut feels more relaxed too. Such a relief. I'm very happy with these results and will be ordering another bottle for me and hubby soon.

Great service

Ordering is easy and always get it on time. Thank you

Love it

Will place another order soon.

Great binder and increased energy!

This product is easy to use as a binder for heavy metals. I notice I have more energy.

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