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Loved it

Good clean product. Good price, fast delivery

4oz Fulvic Minerals Electrolyte Concentrate

4oz Fulvic Minerals Electrolyte Concentrate - FREE SHIPPING!


Excellent product myself and my daughter, wife use it. We plan to order more and continue to use your product. Thank you for a great product.

Great product. Reasonably priced.

Great product. Has no taste when added to juices or chocolate milk. Slight earthy taste if placing under the tongue. Price is reasonable. Shipping is dependable and on time.


Not often can you tell if a new supplement is working, especially if you are taking others. I noticed the first day that I had more energy and felt brighter.

4 X Fulvic Minerals

I have ordered this in the past and have been very satisfied with them. I feel we all need the trace minerals in this formula and will order them again.

Great Product

So far working well, I will order again.

Wow love this product so far and it arrived so fast!!

On time

Received order in a timely fashion and arrived as described. Great add to my daily vitamin regimen!

I had better

I felt very little of a difference. The label looks great but its not potent enough for me. The low price kinda speaks for itself.

Good product

Good product works fast

2oz Fulvic Minerals Electrolyte Concentrate


This product has been amazing. I take it at night and it helps so much with my digestion.

Happy Tummy

My tummy is regular and has less upsets or bloating. I have more energy and less stomach pain due to discomforts. This is a great product.

4oz Fulvic Minerals Electrolyte Concentrate

Great probiotics!

I have IBS and was told by my Dr to take probiotics. I’ve heard good things about this company, so I ordered their product and it’s been awesome! I can definitely tell a difference.

Great Probiotic

This probiotic really helped my body! I have had problems since my last baby over a year ago and nothing has worked until this. I highly recommend!

Good stuff!

My tummy likes this probiotic!

My happier belly!

I started taking the CellCynergy Happy Belly Probiotic about 3 weeks ago and have definitely noticed a change in my gut. Due to a major pancreas/intestinal surgery in 2012 to remove cancerous tumors, I have suffered from stomach pain and digestive issues. Doctors said it was my “new normal”, but that didn’t make it any easier. After my current doctor recommended a probiotic, I found CellCynergy Nutrition. I wanted something in pill form that was easy to take, which was exactly what I got. One pill in the morning and one at night - simple! After just a few days, I realized my belly pain at night was much less severe, and after a week, I was able to sleep all night without tossing & turning in pain. Digestion is also better. The only reason I gave this product 4 stars instead of 5 was that I wish it could work a miracle & allow me to feel like my old self before the surgery! But I am very happy with how it has improved my new belly. Thank you!

Works great!!

This product is wonderful! I don’t think I have ever had a probiotic work so well. Highly recommend

love it

I love these probiotics. They are the most effective ones I have used

These are great!

I don’t really have anything to compare these to on myself, but these seem to be great. I feel like I’ve been less bloated and I’ve definitely been more regular. So there’s that.

L. Ponder

The fulvic recharge causes a detoxification that has allowed my body to heal in areas where I previously experienced pain or a blockage.

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